I am Hester Haars, a creative concept developer, experienced in integrated, digital, but mostly  non-traditional, concept creation.

I am currently  33 years old, this could change in the future, but rather not.

I am working as an Art Director since 2010, in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and San Francisco. I have a Bachelors degree in Media and Information Management and a Masters in Art Direction.
I currently work at B-Reel and I am the Creative Director at UVE Art Collection.

Sharing is the
new buying

Latest work –  

Recently I have been very involved in setting up a new and disruptive art movement – the UVE Art Collection. This collective shares the creation of art from curator, to artist studio, to the buyers wall.  We have had such an amazing time creating the first two batches of art with one of Berlin’s greater curators Zoë Claire Miller.

Hester Haars Portfolio 2017