Friends of
the Earth

In order to address the ongoing struggle against Shell’s oil pollution in Nigeria we launched an app that elicted disgust - an app to help Nigerians coop with the oil spill.

This video gained a lot of attention, with a very low, lets say, no budget. David Rasche (Sledgehammer) participated for free and we directed the video over skype.

The live-with-it app directed the viewer to a microsite with a loads of information about the amount of oil leaked, and still leaking, into the Niger Delta.  A timeline of years and years of pollution and gasflaring.

This app was just the whistle-blower for our immersive campaign that had over 10 different creative activation points and took 1 year.
Things we created
• Meme Generator
• Press-Kit ambush
• Social Influencer send to Nigeria 
• A microsite that explained the problem in a simple overview

Agency – OneBigAgency
Client - Friends Of The Earth
Role – Creative Concept & Art Direction
Website – Gradient Media Amsterdam