Integrated Campaign
OTTO S/S 2015  

We invented "lipstick logic" when overhearing two friends in the dressing-room empower their shopping need. People always search for excuses when they want to buy something new : "It is Monday" – "It is raining"  ... "I always feel like the third wheel in a threesome" ...."My boyfriend is a parrot"....

We created a campaign for Germany's biggest online retail shop to inspire people with good reasons to buy. In print ads and banners we shared possible reasons for those in need of a good excuse.

For this I created an online activation too, with a jolly Drama Llama family.

Agency – Heimat Berlin
Role –Concept
German CW – Lisa Reissner, Lisa Yvonne Heimgartner
Production Company – CZAR
Type Design – Lovisa Burfitt