Hester Haars 2021™

Hester Haars 2021™

The Shared
Art Collection

From december 2015, I have been working to set up a new art hub – the UVE Art Collection ( Berlin ).

UVE Art Collection is a fully transparent creative journey, starting at the initial idea of the curator, to the artist’s studio, to the wall of the collector – anywhere in the world.

In March 2017 we launched the company and it’s first artworks with a massive party in the renowned Funkhaus Berlin.

We have had such an amazing time creating the first two “batches” of art with one of Berlin’s greater curators Zoë Claire Miller. 20 Pieces from wellknown artist, to unkown art students, all curated under the theme “The Surface Of Schrimp - The Gesture of Soap”. This exhibit explores the realm of agile interiority, approaching private space and mental states as the habitat of objects, sensations and their intertwinement in heterogenous times.
My involvement in this has been full responsibility for all creative and partly strategic.

Creating a brand that speaks to the very culturally accurate artworld, but at the same time to businessman from all over the world, that could possibly invest. Two targetgroups that are a far cry from each other – it has been an interesting challenge.

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Client - Uve Art Collection
Role – Creative Director
Developer – Sebastian Carlsson